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As-Salamu 'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Life is a test for a believer!


As Muslims, we face daily challenges that we have to overcome. Some of them ALLAAH (ta'ala) is making easy and some hard.

We want to overcome our weaknesses, strengthen our Iman, develop ourselves and grow in Islam.


Islamic Coaching helps you to improve yourself. In life and in Islam. 


For a Muslim, coaching must be based on Islamic values, the belief in Allah (ta'ala) and the Sunnah of His Messenger ﷺ.


Muslim Coach offers you Islamic Coaching to support you in difficult phases of your life and in your personal and religious growth. 

Coaching for Muslims from Muslims


Life Coaching


Islamic Psychological




Leadership & Management


"After searching for a long time for support I found Muslim Coach. From the first contact it was heartily, uncomplicated and with Muslim mind-set the coaches could understand my worries and problems and help me to overcome them." 


Sister from Germany

"Muslim Coach helped me in tough times to find the right path for me. From the talks I had with Chalid I could see things from a different perspective, which helped me to focus on the solution rather then thinking about the problems." 


Sister from Jakarta

"I had a hard time in my work and could not see how to improve and solve this situation. Muslim Coach gave me the right attitude, helped me to gain more self-confidence and supported me to find my true values and what is important for me as a Muslim and manager. Muslim Coach really helped me get a better life and become a stronger Muslim." 


Brother from Germany

"When I contacted Muslim Coach I was in a very over strained situation. It was great to have someone on my side who could navigate me through this chaos. With Muslim Coach I could sort all my thoughts and put them into an order. This really helped me to get things back on track. It is really coaching for Muslims from Muslims.“


Sister from Germany

About Muslim Coach

Strong in faith - Strong in life


At Muslim Coach, Muslims help Muslims.


For a Muslim, faith, life and work life form a unity. This unity is important for a successful and fulfilling life. That's why at Muslim Coach you get coaching, advice and training from Muslims for Muslims.


We follow Islamic values of the Quraan and the Sunnah, independent from Islamic schools (Madhabib)or ideologies.