About Muslim Coach

Coaching for Muslims from Muslims!


In Islam we have to develop ourselves - to become a better person & a better Muslim.


Islamic Coaching helps you in this development and gives you guidance based on Islamic values. It includes modern develpment and improvment methods combined with the teachings from Quraan and Sunnah.



Muslim Coach supports you personal development, career improvement and in critical situations. 


Muslim Coach

Senior Coach & Trainer


Abderrahman Chalid Hainsch

Owner & Founder of Muslim Coach International

  • Certified Psychological Adviser (DFC)
  • Education in Aqidah in Lombok Indonesia
  • Founding Member of PM3 Indonesia München (Indonesian Muslim Community Munich)
  • MBA in Economics
  • Director of HorizonP Coaching & Training
  • Study of Islamology at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at University Novi Pazar (Serbia)

Languages: German, English, Bahasa Indonesia

Fees & Charges

  • US$ 55  for Online Islamic Life Coaching & Psychological Counseling per session (50 min) via Skype
  • US$ 125 for Leadership Coaching & Islamic Leadership-Consulting per hour
  • US$ 1.500 for Training & Workshops per day

For training, consulting and coaching outside of Indonesia and Germany travel costs for the coach/trainer will be charged in addition.