Islamic Leadership & Entrepreneurship Training

Guidance for the right path!

There is nothing better than to guide people the right way and contribute to the Umma!


Islamic Leadership & Entrepreneurship opens you a new dimension on how to lead people, run a business and bring it to success in accordance to Islamic teachings and values. 


Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ was one of he greatest leaders of mankind and from his Sunnah we can learn how a true Muslim should act and behave. The Quran tells us which basics we should apply when interacting with others and shows us the right path to true Islam. 


This training is designed to teach Muslim Managers, Company Owners and Entrepreneurs how they can work in accordance to Islamic Rules and become successful as Muslims and Leaders.

Who should join this training? 

Muslim Managers 

Muslim Entrepreneurs 

Managers who work in an Islamic environment


What do you learn in this training?

Basics of Islamic Leadership & Management
Islamic values and their application in business & management
Leadership in accordance to the Sunnah and Quran
Management and Leadership principles 
Team Development and Motivation with Islamic values
Interacting with customers, suppliers and business partners as a Muslim
Shariah principles for Islamic Entrepreneurship & Management
Creating value or profit? What does a Muslim business need?
Develop your personal Islamic Leadership & Entrepreneurship style

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