Strong in faith - Strong in life

Psychological Counseling for Muslims


In life, there are always challenges and crises. Allah (Subhana wa Taala) repeatedly gives new trials to the faithful. In some crises and challenges you need advice, help, support. As siblings in Islam we are there for you in such situations, listen to you, give help and advice. Even if the way is long or you have the feeling that there is no solution, we accompanied you and help you for a better life. With the support of your faith you gain clarity, orientation and find ways out of the crisis. This is psychological counseling for Muslims from Muslims.

Islamic Psychological Counseling helps you:

  • to overcome crisis and hard times
  • to find a way to handle problems
  • to restart after difficult times
  • to gain new strength 
  • to strengthen your faith

Counseling Topics

  • Emotional problems
  • Grieve & Sorrow 
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Partnership problems
  • Psychological problems
  • Mental disorders

Need help?


We charge a fee of US$ 50 for the first session *) 


Payments can be made via Paypal


*) session time is 30 min and will be done via our online counseling system.


We work with you on the basis of Islamic values and in compliance with Islamic rules combined with methods from personal coaching, behavioral psychology and psychological intervention.


Islamic Coaching & Islamic Psychological Counseling are no therapy or curative treatment. 

In case you suffer from a psychological disorder we advise you to contact a medical practitioner or physician.