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Islamic Leadership & Business - the right way to lead people, run a business and bring it to success in accordance to Islamic teachings, values and ethics. Prophet Muhammad (saw) was one of the greatest leaders and also a skilled & successful business man. From from his Sunnah we can learn how a true Muslim should act and behave in business & management. The Quran tells us, which basics we should apply when interacting with others and shows us the right path to true Islam. 

Islamic Leadership & Business Consulting / Coaching is designed to support Muslim Managers, Company Owners and Entrepreneurs on how they can work in accordance to Islamic Rules and become successful as Muslims,  Leaders & Business People.

Islamic Business Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

As a leader & entrepreneur you need a strong character and a strong will. Management and Leadership are taught at universities, in courses and training, and the methods learned determine our daily activities in the workplace. Current management know-how is usually based on the methodologies of the classical management of international companies. These management principles are not always compatible with Islamic values and ethics.


 MuslimCoach helps you with Islamic Leadership Training & Workshops to align your business to Islamic values and ethics.  Together we define your company goals and create a Leadership & Business culture culture which is in accordance with Islamic values & norms.


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Beside Consulting & Training I am also available as speaker & lecturer on Social Sustainability, Business Ethics and Leadership Development.