Webinars & Live Coaching for Muslims from Muslims

Assalam-u-alaikum wr. wb. dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,


At the Muslim Academy you can book and visit live coaching & seminars online. All of our live coaching & seminars are conducted online so that you can join them from wherever you are and benefit from the learning.


All the seminars are conducted live, there is no recording. 

Choose your topic

What do you get in the Muslim Academy?

  • Exclusive seminars for Muslims from Muslims
  • Online Live Coaching
  • Experienced and qualified coaches
  • Holistic know-how
  • Affordable fees
  • Trending topics, modern methods and all on islamic principles 

What is special on the Muslim Academy?

  • All trainers and coaches are practicing Muslims
  • All topics are trained under consideration of Islamic values and principles 
  • You get practicable solutions for life based on the Quraan, the Sunnah and modern scientific methods 
  • All seminars are online and give you know-how and information you can easily integrate into your daily life. 

How to join?

The Muslim Academy offers you a variety of topics, which will be brought to you either as seminar class or interactive live coaching. Seminars will give you the chance to squire new knowledge about a certain topic. In live coaching you have the chance to actively participate, discuss about certain issues you have and get immediate solutions. 


Just choose one of the above topics, register for the event and we will care about the rest. One week in advance to the event you will receive the login details for our Academy platform where you can access the event on the booked date and time.


For each event you have the choice to book different dates so that you can be flexible.